Ines Wagner: Labour citizenship and enforcement gaps in a Pan-European labour market

Eva-Maria Schneider: The new EU Public Procurement Directive – a step towards better working conditions?

Country reports

Across Europe, mobile EU workers are experiencing various types of labour rights violations and exploitation which form serious obstacles to their rights as mobile EU citizens. In our project “LABCIT” we are “testing” the ability of European citizenship to be extended to work situations through a series of public hearings with workers and stakeholders across 6 countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, and Romania), and supporting expert analysis form the project’s 11 partners.

Starting from the comparative analysis of some cases of severe forms of exploitation, extreme violations of labour rights, and discrimination affecting EU citizens and non-EU workers who are employed in Europe, these reports highlight which actions are most urgent to take, and what steps are necessary for strengthening existing mechanisms for the protection of workers' rights.

Czech Republic (Multicultural center Prague)

Subcontracting and EU mobile workers in the Czech Republic: Exploitation, Liability and Institutional Gaps?

Italy (University of Padova)

Exploitaion and Migrant Workers’ Struggles in the Italian Logistics and Tourism Sectors

Lithuania (Diversity Development Group)

Emigration from Lithuania: Migrant Labour Exploitation and Obstacles for Victim Identification

Germany (Polish Social Council)

Social Dumping by Subcontracting: How German Employers in Construction and Meat Processory Evade EU Labour Provisions.

Country report in GERMAN.

Country report in POLISH.

Romania (CONECT Association)

Romanian Migrants in the EU: The Struggle for Decent Work and Dignity

Ireland (Together RAZEM)

Navigating Exploitation under the ¨zero hour¨: Contracts, Wage Theft and Discrimination

Expert Analysis

Bettina Haidinger (Working Life Research Centre, Vienna, Austria)  

Liability and Co-Responsibility in Subcontracting Chains

Nathan Lillie (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

What is Labour Citizenship and Why does it Matter in the European Union?

Czech Policy Papers

5/2016 Migrant workers rights and the trade unions.
6/2016 Subcontracting and EU mobile workers in the Czech Republic. System recommendations.