ADO SAH ROM is now the Association for Dialogue, Employment and Migration (CONECT Association)

In September 2015, the Association for Organization Development SAH ROM (ADO SAH ROM) became the Association for Dialogue, Employment and Migration (CONECT Association).

Taking on a new name was a natural step in our organization’s evolution and coincided with our 15 years anniversary that month. The organization used that opportunity to redefine its purpose, mission, and vision under a new logo and slogan, characteristic for our new charter: “to connect people, cultures, and ideas.”

The new brand conveys a compact and unitive social vision and seeks to underline the values that we believe in and that we assimilated over time, both through the design and colors of the new logo and the words of the slogan, integral part of the former – “to connect people, cultures, and ideas.” The colors of the logo are red, black, and gray, their diversity suggesting the ethnic, cultural, and confessional diversity, and the equal opportunities that we believe in. The red and black hues are taken from the old ADO SAH ROM logo, because we wanted to preserve the visual identity of ADO SAH ROM, an identity that left its mark on us and that defined us for 15 years. The slogan emphasizes the signification of colors’ diversity and suggests an idea of the bridge that we want to create between people, cultures, and ideas having different and diverse backgrounds.

What is the mission of CONECT Association?

The new mission of CONECT Association is to improve socially, economically, and culturally people’s quality of life, to enhance social cohesion, dialogue, and the policies for the social integration of migrants and marginal or vulnerable groups, and to promote policies for the regional and communal development.

More to the point, according to its new charter, CONECT Association seeks to bring its efforts and expertise in support of:

The vision of CONECT Association

CONECT believes in a fair and inclusive society, which guarantees each person his or her right to a worthy life, irrespective of his or her ethnicity, national origin, language, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, political opinions and affiliation, income or social origin.

The values of CONECT Association

CONECT promotes democratic values, individual rights and liberties, ethnic, cultural, and confessional diversity, social justice, equal opportunities, social solidarity and responsibility.

The objectives of CONECT Association



Our organization appeared in 1996, as an agency for implementing the projects of Swiss Labor Assistance (which later became SOLIDAR Suisse) in the fields of services for the labor market, unions’ modernization, and social dialogue in Romania.

In 2000, we created the Association for Organization Development SAH ROM (ADO SAH ROM), a non-governmental organization registered in the Registry of Associations and Foundations in Romania.

The Association for Organization Development SAH ROM (ADO SAH ROM) is an independent organization, established in 2000 as a non-lucrative legal person. SOLIDAR Suisse, one of our founding members, is a Swiss non-governmental organization having over 70 years of experience in humanitarian aid and cooperation for development.

Our experience, earned since 2000 as an agency for implementing projects in the field of labor market, social dialogue, and organization development, was enriched with a new area of expertise – migration – through the projects carried out in partnership with Romanian organizations or the European network SOLIDAR and its members.

Until 2015, ADO SAH ROM carried out activities for information, raising awareness, research, advocacy, and monitoring public policies, facilitated citizens’ access to services, and promoted the interests of different social groups.

In September 2015, at its anniversary for 15 years of activity, ADO SAH ROM redefined its purpose, mission, and vision, changed its registered office and changed its name into the Association for Dialogue, Employment and Migration CONECT. Briefly, CONECT Association.